Changing regions, changing Japan

Acting as a connector hub, we promote local areas through developing local products using our growing network of sales channels and sales support model.


Kagoshima Prefecture Agricultural Administration Department Agricultural Administration Division Kagoshima Food Brand Promotion Office 「Product market development seminar using agricultural, forestry and marine products from the prefecture」

On October 23rd (Friday), the 3rd ” Seminar on Product Market Development Using Prefectural Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Products” was held at Kagoshima Prefecture Municipal Autonomous Hall (Kagoshima City). 20 people participated in a seminar to improve business negotiations with the theme “Action after business negotiations is important to increase the contract rate”.


Shiga Prefectural Federation of Societies Commerce and Industry 「A small company in Shiga  Individual business meeting for food」

From 10:00 to 16:00 on October 21st (Wednesday), ” A small company in Shiga  Individual business meeting for food ” was held at Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel Prince Hall. 32 businesses and 29 buyers (3 of which were online) participated in the business meeting, where each business brought their own products, and the event…


Nagasaki Federation of Commerce and Industry. 「Nagasaki Yokamon sales channel support business for the Tokyo metropolitan area.」

On October 5th (Monday), we visited “Hashiguchi Aquaculture Co., Ltd.”, which promotes HACCP in Nagasaki, together with about 8 offices and conducted “HACCP factory training”. Unfortunately, we couldn’t tour the factory because of “COVID-19” , but thanks to the video we shot in advance, the eight companies that participated in the training received a very…