Changing regions, changing Japan

Acting as a connector hub, we promote local areas through developing local products using our growing network of sales channels and sales support model.


Okayama Mimasaka prefectural office Sales channel development support business「Consumer monitoring」

On 7/14(Tuesday), we conducted consumer monitoring in the sales channel development support business of the Okayama Prefecture Mimasaka prefectural govemment office at the meeting room of G.BRIDGE.CO.LTD. While maintain social distancing, we tried out the three products that we plan to support and asked for their candid opinions about these products.


G-Bridge Co., Ltd. Authentic rice shochu “Musha Gaeshi” won the gold medal at the international liquor fair “San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020”

“San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020”, the largest liquor competition in the United States, was announced on March 31, 2020, by Shochu, which is an exporter of G-Bridge Co., Ltd. , Won the gold award in the white spirits shochu category. At SFWSC, bartenders, restaurant chefs, hotelmen, buyers, journalists, etc. perform blind tasting for each…


Of the emergency measures for promoting export of agriculture, forestry and fishery products and foods, the emergency measures for improving the export environment.

On Monday, March 2, a tasting event of Premium Shochu was held at the cocktail restaurant 「Dersou」 in the 12th ward of Paris, France. Inviting young bartenders and cavists (curve managers) who are active in Paris to showcase Premium Shochu for the first time in Europe. Mr. Thierry Daniel of “LIQUID LIQUID”, who handles brand consulting, marketing,…