Shochu and Awamori Promotion

On Saturday, March 27, we conducted a tasting and questionnaire survey at the main store of Saint Denis in JulhèsParis (54 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis 75010 Paris, a high-end grocery store in Paris), which is conducting a “test sales event” at liquor stores as a promotion of shochu and awamori. Due to the restrictions on going out in Paris due to COVID19, the number of visitors this time was less than the first time at the main store and the second time at Saint Maur. Therefore, we decided to offer as many of our valued customers as possible the opportunity to try three different flavors of rice, barley, and sweet potato, as well as barrel-aged products. Everyone said, “They are all unique and delicious. Even those who had already tried shochu and awamori were surprised by the high quality of the products.

The products we handled this time were:AOKAGE / THE YANAGITA MIZUNARA (Yanagita Distillery), Yamatozakura HIKARI GENSHU/Yamatozakura Beni Imo (Yamatozakura Distillery), Genshu Gokuraku(Hayashi Distillery), Genshu-MannenBoshi(Watanabe Distillery), Oishi Premium Sherry 2009/Oishi 40 (Oishi Distillery).