Cocktail Spirits Online

The sixth edition of Cocktail Spirits Online was held on Friday, March 19, from 11:00 to 13:00. Mr. Thierry of LIQUID LIQUID gave a detailed explanation of the history and background of shochu and awamori, and also talked about how shochu is consumed in Japan and how it differs from the way spirits are consumed in France.

The “Distillery” broadcast this time featured Ryota Yoshimatsu, Kinuko Jufuku, and their son from Jufuku Distillery in Kumamoto Prefecture. Mrs. Kinuko is a pioneer of the Distillery and was impressed by Thierry’s visit to the Distillery. When Thierry visited the brewery, he was impressed by Kinuko Jufuku, who is one of the pioneers of the “Distillery.” In the world of shochu, where women were not allowed to enter, her son has firmly inherited the style he built by sticking to handmade shochu with “quality first + feelings (love). “Afterwards, the participants tasted the “tasting sample bottles” that were delivered to them beforehand and gave their various impressions. The participants were surprised to experience shochu for the first time and showed a deep interest in Japanese shochu culture and tradition, saying that they wanted to know more about it and understand it more deeply.

The three tasting items were:Beniimo Hanadori (Kodama Distillery), Mushagaeshi Genshu(Jufuku Distillery), The Yanagita Mizunara (Yanagita Distillery)