Cocktail Spirits Online

The 9th edition of “Cocktail Spirits Online” was held on Tuesday, March 23, from 11:00 to 13:00, with many people from all over France participating online.

Mr. Thierry of LIQUID LIQUID gave a detailed explanation of what he felt during his visit to the “brewery”, the history and background of shochu and awamori, and the differences in the way “spirits” are consumed in Japan and France. Mr. Thierry also gave a detailed explanation of the differences in the way “spirits” are consumed in Japan and France. This time’s “Distillery” broadcast was from “Takada Distillery” in Kumamoto Prefecture, where Mr. Thierry introduced the distillery as “a distillery that was established in 1902 and has maintained its tradition while at the same time being modern. Mr. Takada gave a tour of the Distillery and explained about “flower yeast”, “barrel aging”, etc. He also answered questions from the participants.

During the tasting, participants tasted the products in the “sample kit” that was delivered to them beforehand and were asked to give their opinions. The three tasting items were: Mushagaeshi Genshu(Jufuku Distillery), Yam atozakura (Yamatozakura Distillery), AOKAGE (Yanagita Distillery) . “I’m interested in tradition.” “I want to know more about koji.” Many of the participants were impressed by the delicate and complex taste of shochu for the first time and seemed to be interested in Japan.