Premium Shochu promotion

G.BRIDGE.CO.LTD is Among the shochu in Japan, in order to widely appeal to the world the original sake (more than 30 degrees) with a high alcohol content, and the authentic shochu manufactured by the process of sticking Named “Premiumu Shochu ” and  be introduce to the world’s sake scene.

「Premium Shochu 」 is a high-grade shochu brand that has been independently selected. You can enjoy it like whiskey.

This project is directed by Mr. Kimijima, President and CEO of Yokohama Kimijimaya, Co., Ltd. and is a global strategy to spread the shochu culture to the world, and is currently achieving results in ASEAN with Singapore as the gateway.

We have been holding hands with everyone from Kumashochu in Kumamoto until now, but in order to make a further leap, we will visit Okinawa, Kagoshima, and Miyazaki’s sake breweries this year. With everyone who agrees with the Premiumu Shochu concept, we will aim for the next stage!

Visit Okinawa in July

Thank you for accepting the visit in the heavy rain, and thank you for the polite description. I was fascinated by the depth of Awamori.

The world of new shochu will also spread from here.